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How Smart TV Apps Are Giving Brands a Digital Edge

Smart TV Apps

Though smart TV's have been around for several years, businesses involved in television programming and ads are just now beginning to take advantage of the possibilities they offer for engaging viewers. Smart TV's add a whole new layer of engagement to the traditional TV viewing experience. Watching TV is no longer a one-sided experience, where viewers passively observe and listen. It is now an interactive experience, with digital apps embedded right in your TV! By providing interesting digital content and convenient purchasing opportunities that connect with a TV show, channel, or commercial, businesses can elevate their viewer's experience and extend their customer's engagement with their brand.

How mHealth Apps Will Transform Patient Care - Part 2!

mHealth Apps

Our last post, "mHealth Apps Will Transform Patient Care Amidst Digital Disruption" introduced the major impact that today's Digital Disruption is having and will have on the healthcare industry. A number of recent mHealth apps are paving the way for effective, inexpensive digital forms of patient treatment and care. Read on for more mHealth app examples, and see how they are changing the rules of the game for the healthcare industry!

  • Mobile Apps to Track Sleep Patterns

mHealth Apps Will Transform Patient Care Amidst Digital Disruption

mHealth Digital Disruption

It is often difficult, although necessary, to find the time to make a trip to the doctor's office for a medical checkup, test, or treatment. Having to take off work, rearrange schedules or take the kids out of school is sometimes your only option. However, with the digital disruption that is under way today, the traditional process of receiving healthcare is starting to shift in a new direction – one that favors patient convenience and improved care through better technology. With this, patients and those in the healthcare industry will start to see entirely new methods of delivering patient care – through digital means.

How Software Will Differentiate Brands in 2014 and Beyond

Differentiate your brand

With the multitude of devices owned by consumers today and the large amount of time they spend using them daily, businesses are realizing the powerful impact that good software can have on driving revenue. Software provides a personalized, direct way for businesses to reach their customers, and it is continually being used by forward-thinking firms to come up with new and original ways to accomplish business goals.

Software is Now the Finance Industry's Brand

Mobile Finance

Forrester Research has used the phrase “software-is-the-brand” to describe non-tech companies who are finding that more and more of their business value is coming from software-based products and services:

Software is Your Brand - NJTC Event Tomorrow!

Software is the Brand NJTC Event OFS

Software is Now Your Brand – an Event Featuring Independent Research Firm Analyst John McCarthy

Sponsored by ObjectFrontier Inc. (OFS) for the New Jersey Technology Council (NJTC)

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 12, 2013

TechNews Magazine - OFS Spotlight

NJTC TechNews November 2013 OFS Object Frontier

Check out this month's issue of TechNews, the official publication of the New Jersey Technology Council, for a spotlight on OFS! 


TechNews November 2013 Vol. 17 Issue 8 

OFS CEO Rich Napoli is featured in this issue's "Corner Office" article. Learn how he led the company to triple-digit growth in each of the past 3 years! (pgs. 6 & 7)

4 Industries Being Redefined By Software

Software is Your Brand NJTC

Innovative software is turning into a real game-changer for many businesses, even though they are not in the technology space. Forrester Research recently pointed out four industries in particular as becoming increasingly software-centric in today's plugged-in world. For companies in these industries, the way they view software has changed. Software is now being used to establish their brands and to differentiate themselves from their competition. The New Jersey Technology Council (NJTC) will host a November event to cover the implications of this trend:

Software is Now Your Brand

Software is Your Brand

For those who think they’re not in the software business, it’s time to think again…

A Realistic Approach to Gamification Success

Gamification Approach

With Gartner’s prediction that gamification will head into the “Trough of Disillusionment” in their Hype Cycle within the next year, it’s important to take a step back and be realistic in our expectations of gamification. As with any new technology trend, there will be early adopters of gamification who stumble. It’s easy to be seduced into quick action by the promising potential of this technology without understanding the challenges that go with it first.

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