Customer Journey Mapping: What you need to know for your Digital Transformation!

Posted on Thu, Nov 20, 2014 @ 05:17 PM

Forrester Research Inc. explains in a recent research brief, “Customer Journey Mapping is Becoming Key to Digital Transformation” (Oct. 2014), that businesses are rethinking the entirety of their customer’s journey to fully understand what their customer actually wants to accomplish in engaging with them.

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Understanding Your Digital Transformation Agenda – Upcoming Webinar!

Posted on Tue, Nov 11, 2014 @ 03:48 PM

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The Top 3 Software Trends Affecting the Broadcast Media Industry

Posted on Fri, Aug 22, 2014 @ 07:00 AM

The consumer viewing experience today has changed drastically from the traditional experience of watching television. Gone are the days when the entire family sat in front of a TV set and watched a show in its entirety, including commercials, without distractions from other devices or alternate sources of programming. Shows were developed for mass audiences, and there were long term syndication rights associated with them. Broadcast media is still an integral part of consumer’s lives, but the industry faces challenges on many fronts and is being forced to reinvent itself as it faces demands for more personalized content by consumers, threats from varied distribution systems and the need to find new sources of revenue to remain viable. More and more, the broadcast media industry is finding that innovative software can help them to solve these problems, allowing them to better reach and engage consumers in their programming. Discover below the top 3 software trends affecting the broadcast media industry today; find out the major opportunities and challenges each presents and see how businesses are looking to utilize them to increase viewership!

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TechLifeSciNews - How mHealth Apps are Transforming Patient Care

Posted on Wed, Jun 25, 2014 @ 07:00 AM

Check out OFS's latest article, featured as the cover story in this month's issue of NJTC's TechLifeSciNews!

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Making Money The New-Fashioned Way

Posted on Fri, Jun 13, 2014 @ 07:00 AM

New Tech-Enabled Financial Services Offerings for Small Investors and Small Businesses

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Software Must Enrich Your Brand - Free Research Report

Posted on Wed, Jun 11, 2014 @ 07:00 AM

OFS invites you to enjoy a complimentary copy of Forrester Research, Inc.'s report Software Must Enrich Your Brand!  Learn how software is driving your 21st century brand and how it has become core to your business success!

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How to Build mHealth Apps That Won’t End Up in the Digital Dumpster

Posted on Mon, May 05, 2014 @ 07:00 AM

Our last two posts shared some evidence of the mobile revolution that is underway in the healthcare industry. A number of mHealth apps that provide true digital value to patients have emerged, and they are disrupting the status quo in the industry. Apps to manage diabetes, to treat vision problems, to test blood, and to track sleep patterns are providing new ways of care for patients outside of the traditional physician/hospital treatment.

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OFS CEO Rich Napoli Wins 2014 SmartCEO Technology Innovator Award

Posted on Fri, May 02, 2014 @ 08:23 AM

OFS, a leading provider of software product development services, is pleased to announce its CEO Rich Napoli has won the award for Innovative Medium-Sized Technology Company CEO in the 2014 SmartCEO Voltage Awards.

April 30, 2014, Newtown, PASmartCEO, a prominent business publication, celebrated 2014’s top technology innovators and implementers with its annual Voltage Awards in NYC last night. Rich Napoli, CEO of OFS, was selected as the winner for the award of Technology Innovator of a mid-sized company.

Finalists were chosen by an independent committee of local business leaders based on the nominees’ creative vision, strong leadership and innovative solutions. Napoli and his fellow finalists were profiled in the May/June issue of SmartCEO and were celebrated by over 450+ executives and guests at the Voltage Awards ceremony at Capitale in NYC last night. 

“This nomination is an honor for OFS and a testament to the hard work of all our employees,” shared Napoli. “Each member of our OFS family has played a key role in serving our customers. Our goal at OFS remains building quality software using innovative technologies in order to engage and delight users. We continue to be laser focused on building top-notch engineered products for our clients in today's digitally disrupted world.”

The finalists and winners consisted of New York-based companies that collectively generate more than $1.42 billion in annual revenue and that employ over 7,000 individuals. Companies shared in the excitement at the event tweeting @SmartCEO #EMVAs and @ObjectFrontier.

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How Smart TV Apps Are Giving Brands a Digital Edge

Posted on Tue, Apr 22, 2014 @ 07:00 AM

Though smart TV's have been around for several years, businesses involved in television programming and ads are just now beginning to take advantage of the possibilities they offer for engaging viewers. Smart TV's add a whole new layer of engagement to the traditional TV viewing experience. Watching TV is no longer a one-sided experience, where viewers passively observe and listen. It is now an interactive experience, with digital apps embedded right in your TV! By providing interesting digital content and convenient purchasing opportunities that connect with a TV show, channel, or commercial, businesses can elevate their viewer's experience and extend their customer's engagement with their brand.

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How mHealth Apps Will Transform Patient Care - Part 2!

Posted on Mon, Apr 14, 2014 @ 07:00 AM

Our last post, "mHealth Apps Will Transform Patient Care Amidst Digital Disruption" introduced the major impact that today's Digital Disruption is having and will have on the healthcare industry. A number of recent mHealth apps are paving the way for effective, inexpensive digital forms of patient treatment and care. Read on for more mHealth app examples, and see how they are changing the rules of the game for the healthcare industry!

  • Mobile Apps to Track Sleep Patterns

An astonishing 113 million people in America describe themselves as “sleep concerned”, meaning they have trouble getting a restful night’s sleep (Digital Disruption, Forrester Research). Many of these people never do anything about it though because sleep studies to analyze sleep patterns and determine treatments are extremely expensive and require a full night spent at a hospital or lab. New, convenient ways of tracking sleep with wristbands and bedding, such as aXbo and Beddit, that integrate with your mobile device, are providing an easier and much cheaper way for concerned sleepers to get valuable data on their sleep habits. As time goes on and the capabilities of these trackers and their software get more advanced, they could replace the need altogether for expensive and difficult overnight sleep studies, as all the data could instead be collected at home by oneself and then interpreted by advanced software.

  • A Prescription-Only Mobile App to Treat Diabetes

BlueStar, the first prescription-only mobile app in the US, is meant to help those living with type 2 diabetes by providing real-time coaching, support, and education. A recent article by mHealthNews explains how, “at present, BlueStar takes into consideration the patient’s medical history, current glucose readings and treatment regime, as well as the current medications before dispensing its advice.” Additionally, by utilizing the latest technology in big data analytics, this app could have the power to interpret millions upon millions of bits of random health data, looking for patterns and then extracting relevant and valuable insights for the patient. It could aggregate and analyze the patient's health data with the data accessible in millions of medical books and publications to potentially provide diabetes patients with an optimal, personalized treatment plan.

With an app like this, digital is going beyond just providing a new ease and convenience and is actually improving patient care. In 2012 Jason Jacobs, CEO of Runkeeper, predicted, “Your phone will soon be your new doctor”. If mobile apps can actually analyze a patient’s unique situation through big data analytics, apps may indeed soon play the role of doctor by accurately determining the best course of patient care. Compiling patient medical history, test results, and current treatments, and then searching through the gigantic mass of information in medical reference materials, apps can find a solution that’s custom tailored to each patient and direct the best course of care for them.

Because of all the new value that digital can provide in the healthcare industry, businesses are finding that they must now treat their software with the same care as they do their underlying products or services (“Software Must Enrich Your Brand”, Forrester Research). And they are realizing that this software must be top-quality. Look no further than the national rollout of the Affordable Care Act this past October, and it is easy to see how bad software can instantly damage a brand or ogranization. Good software is now integral to the success of a healthcare company, as we see the healthcare industry being rapidly disrupted by our digital world. Customer needs and expectations are rising fast. If healthcare companies don’t find a way to provide digital value, innovators and disruptors from outside the industry will find a way to break in and do so. We are living in The Age of the Customer, and whoever delivers on customer needs, including the needs they don't even realize they have yet, will come out on top in this disruption.

But providing digital value is not as easy as simply building a mobile app that integrates with your products or services. There are thousands upon thousands of medical apps out there, most of which provide little in terms of real medical value to the customer. Look for our next blog on how to design healthcare apps with true value in order to avoid the digital dumpster!

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